CEO’s Message – November 2023

Jason Clemmons, CEO

Is it just me, or do you, too, incredulously wonder if time is flying by quicker than usual? I mean, it seems like yesterday that news reports focused on the FBI search of Mar-a- Lago, and locally we were praying for the thousands of families displaced by extreme flooding in eastern Kentucky. Those memorable events, though, happened way back in August 2022!

Not only has life gone on, some things like electric bills - have gone up since last summer.

A family that used 1,500 kWh of electricity in August 2022 would be billed $212. This month, that same family using the same amount of electricity would receive a $236 electricity bill. That's a $24 increase!

I promise you, our rates haven't gone up, and REMC isn't pocketing any additional money. Many things have changed over the last year including the cost of generating electricity. Just as gas prices go up and down from day to day, the price of electricity changes as well.

So, in my example above, where does that extra $24 go? It is a pass-through to our power supplier, Hoosier Energy, to pay for the electricity. Over the next few months, we will continue to discuss why power costs keep rising. Between renewable energy expansions, cost of materials, market conditions, weather patterns, and many other factors, there are no easy answers. Still, Clark County REMC is always working at the local level to keep energy costs stable without sacrificing the outstanding service you expect.

I know that higher bills can make life stressful. I see it every day. But know that REMC is here for you. If you're having difficulty paying your bill, give us a call and we will connect you with community assistance organizations that can help.

As always, we are better when we work together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jason Clemmons

Clark County REMC office will be closed November 24 and 25.