CEO’s Message – August 2023

Please Don't Post on Power Lines

Jason Clemmons, CEO

Yard sale signs, basketball hoops, deer stands, satellite dishes, lights and birdhouses. Yes, electric cooperative linemen find all these items and more on utility poles. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also life-threatening to the professionals who maintain our electricity. For your safety and the safety of those who keep the power flowing, please do not post these items on power poles. While poles appear to be a convenient, high-visibility place for your advertisement, each sign puts our linemen at risk.

The safety boots and protective clothing linemen wear, which is their first line of protection in the event of an accident, are vulnerable to tears and snags from objects embedded in posts. With every nail hole and wood chip lost from posting signs, our linemen have less and less confidence that their boots will lodge safely in the wood and support them as they work.

Not only is this dangerous to our linemen, but it’s also dangerous for you. We design the electric grid with safety in mind, but putting metal staples and steel nails into the poles that carry tens of thousands of volts of electricity is a recipe for disaster. Do not attach anything to a utility pole. Unauthorized postings will be removed, and when necessary, violators will be prosecuted. There is just too much at stake.

So please, do your part to help our linemen stay safe. Do not attach anything on utility poles and report anything you see to us. Our linemen and their families thank you.

Jason Clemmons