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Medical Alert Program FAQ's

How do members qualify for the Medical Alert Program?

If you are a Clark County REMC member whose life-sustaining equipment is dependent on electric service, you may qualify for the Medical Alert Program. To apply:

  • Have your physician complete the form below regarding your medical condition, specifying the type of equipment used and the length of time the equipment is needed. Examples include oxygen concentrators, heart monitors, feeding pumps or dialysis machines.
  • Once we have received notification from your physician (by mail or fax) Clark County REMC will review your account for eligibility.
  • If approved, your account will be enrolled in the Medical Alert Program.
  • Notification from a physician must be submitted every 12 months for continued participation. The form needs to be filled out and returned every 12 months.
What services are not offered by Medical Alert Program?

In the event of an emergency power failure due to either natural causes or unforeseen system problems, Clark County REMC cannot provide prior notification. In these situations, it is the member’s responsibility to have a back-up for their medical equipment, as well as an action plan for reaching the nearest medical facility.

In addition, participation in the Medical Alert Program does not exempt members from service disconnection, for any reason. Medical Alert Program participants are still subject to service interruption if they do not make regular payments on their accounts, or do not keep payment arrangements.

What does the Medical Alert Program provide?

The Medical Alert Program is designed to provide enlisted Clark County REMC members with reasonable notice of power interruption due to scheduled service maintenance, allowing our members to secure back-up power for their medical equipment.