Warranty & Repair Questions

Warranty Information:

Warranty information was included with your heater when you made your purchase. Current warranty documents from State Water Heaters are linked below. If you experience issues with your new water heater within the first year, parts and labor are covered. After the first year, warranty repairs may still require you to pay for labor charges.

Did REMC install the water heater for you? If so, follow these steps:

Should you experience any heater malfunction (no hot water, small leak, etc):

  • Please contact the plumbing installer of your choice and they will provide support for you according to the terms of the warranty agreement
  • You are always welcome to contact Clark County REMC, during business hours, at (812) 246-3316, and we will help any way we can
  • However, all repairs, service, and warranty questions should be directed to the plumbing installer of your choice and/or the manufacturer, at the contact information included with your purchase