Meter Pedestal – Underground Service (Minimum 200 Amps)

The member or electrician will completely install the meter base and entrance and will make all connections in circuit protection device. Member will make connections on bottom lugs of meter base. We will install service in member’s conduit and make connections on top lugs of meter base. This service configuration is preferred for electric services to single/double wide homes and required for services to mobile homes.

Meter Pedestal - Underground Service (Minimum 200 Amps) diagram. Meter base and meter (installed by REMC), across from that a weatherproof breaker box. Meter is 5 feet 6 inches from ground. Schedule 80 PVC pipe going 1 foot below grade. Ground wire (NEC specs), and ground rod. Final grade, 4 foot by 4 foot treated post, conduit with wire to home.