Steps to Restoring Service

Here Is How Your Electric Co-op Prioritizes Repairs to Restore Service

  1. Transmission lines are high-voltage lines that carry electricity from generating plants to substations (or between substations). Since tens of thousands of people could be served by one transmission line, damage here is taken care of first.
  2. Substations are electrical facilities that switch or regulate the voltage of electricity. If problems are taken care of at the substation, power to a large number of people can be restored.
  3. Main distribution lines are seen along roadways and carry electricity from the substations to groups of consumers. When power is restored here, all consumers from this supply line will see their lights come on unless there is a problem farther down the line.
  4. Tap lines are electric feeder lines running from the main distribution line to utility poles and underground transformers outside houses or buildings. They serve small numbers of consumers.
  5. Individual service lines run from the transformer on the nearest pole to your electric meter.