Putting Our Best Foot Forward

Jason Clemmons, CEO

Over the last couple of years, the federal government has promised billions of dollars to help secure and modernize the nation’s electric grid, while also supporting the transition to cleaner, renewable energy. Not all Americans agree on the right path to reach our energy goals, but at Clark County REMC, we believe in seizing every available opportunity to help our members.

For several months, our staff has been working on grant applications to offset the cost of grid and system improvements. A new metering system, self-healing smart electric sensors and utility-scale battery storage are all projects that could greatly benefit you, our member-owners, but those solutions are not cheap.Protecting the financial strength of our cooperative is essential to providing you with reliable, affordable electric service for years to come, so we won’t spend more than we can afford. I can promise you that. But if we can make upgrades to our system and pay for them with grant money, it’s a win-win situation.

These grant opportunities are highly competitive, but we are putting our best foot forward and will let the chips fall where they may. Win or lose, know that your staff at Clark County REMC is working hard to give you the best possible service, both now and for years to come.