Lineworker Appreciation Day

Celebrate the power behind your power

Lineworker Appreciation Day April 10

We are so thankful for all of our lineworkers here at Clark County REMC and are very proud of their work and dedication to our members. They have a commitment to safety like no other and are always ready to answer the call, day or night.

From left: Bobby Garza, Jonathan Gladstein, Dylan Conrad, Cody Christianson, Wyatt Binkley, Harley Applegate, Chris Woods, Jerry Applegate, Jacob Pierce, Nathan Clayton, Neil Hopwood, Eric Melton (right of way supervisor), Kevin Porter, Josh Bohlsen (operations supervisor), Bo Simpson, Dakota Evans, Nathan Hall, Travis Uhl. (Not pictured: Kevin Crouse, Jason Haverly, Mark Guernsey and Mark Sutherland)

High Winds Cause 72 Outages

Wind speeds exceeding 70 mph on Friday, March 3, caused more than 6,000 members in 72 locations to experience power outages. It took the combined efforts of our crews, dozens of on-call contractors, and five Indiana co-ops to restore the power, but we got the power back on safely. 60% of the outages were restored on Friday, and 99% were back on by Saturday night. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we weathered the storm together.

Thank you to our members for the support on social media:

Thank you for all your hard work!!! Stay Safe!!!
- Kristie Gill

Thank you for your service and dedication!
- Ed Estep

Never missed a beat. CC REMC is the best.
- Kevin Knott