Lineman Rodeo Results

Group of men standing up by a vehicleCongratulations to all of Clark County REMC participants!

We are so proud of our linemen who competed at the second Indiana Electric Cooperative Lineman Rodeo in August. Events included hurt-man rescue, skill climbing, and several other individual and team lineman tasks. Training for these events serves to make them better at their daily jobs, while also creating some friendly competition across the state. Clark County REMC faced some tough competition, but was able to bring home several awards! A huge thank you to everyone who particiapted, and to our entire operations crew for investing in training all year long to make our co-op the best it can be.

Men in uniform with sunglasses

Apprentice Events:

Hurt Man Rescoue

Dakota Evans - 2nd Place

Security Light Repair

Wyatt Binkley - 2nd Place

Team Events:

A5 Transfer:

Bo Simpson, Wyatt Binkley, Harley Applegate - 1st Place

Transformer Change

Bo Simpson, Wyatt Binkley, Harley Applegate - 2nd Place