CEO’s Message – October 2023

Jason Clemmons, CEO

Celebrating National Co-Op Month

As summer winds down and fall rolls in, I find myself reflecting on how good it is to be part of a community like this. Providing safe, affordable electricity is our primary mission, but being a cooperative means we go beyond the basics whenever we can.

From supporting local 4-H fairs to showcasing our vehicles at Touch-ATruck events, and from participating in middle- and high-school career fairs to hosting free electrical safety events for emergency responders, Clark County REMC really does work hard to make our communities into better places.

And now that October is here, we’re taking things up a notch by celebrating National Co-op Month! Every October, we put a special emphasis on giving back to our community, because we wouldn’t exist without you, our member-owners. Here are some of the ways we will be celebrating:

On October 16, REMC employees will spend the day serving at Clark State Forestry in Henryville, clearing trails, refurbishing tables, painting shelter houses and felling hazardous trees. While we will be closed to the public for regular business, we will still be ready to respond to emergencies and outages. “Concern for Community” is one of our cooperative principles, and a day of service is 1 way we demonstrate our commitment to our shared communities.

Any day during October, November or December, bring in 6 canned/ non-perishable goods and we will exchange them for an energy kit, while supplies last. Each year we are able to pass on thousands and thousands of pounds of food to area food pantries — and it’s all because of your generosity.

And let’s not forget about 1 of the best ways you can help your community. For the last 3 years, REMC members have donated to our Lend-A-Hand program, which helps those who may be struggling to pay their electric bills.

Every donation given by a member is matched dollar-for-dollar by REMC, and to date, more than $30,000 has been given to those in need! As we come into colder months, we know the need will increase, so if you would like to make a small donation to help your neighbor, please visit the Lend-A-Hand page or give us a call.

Jason Clemmons