CEO’s Message – June 2023

Jason Clemmons, CEO

If you stop by the REMC office, you might notice something new out front: an electric vehicle charger! This charger was provided to us by Hoosier Energy, and we’re excited to see how often it’s used.

We know that electric vehicles aren’t for everyone, and even for those who are interested, they’re not always a perfect fit. But as your electric co-op, we are committed to being the trusted energy expert we’ve promised to be. Installing this charger and making it available to the public is one way we can learn more about public charging habits, costs and behavior.

Our new charging station isn’t the only way we’re preparing for the future. We’ve created a new position at REMC called the Emerging Technology Specialist, and this individual will focus on preparing our co-op to meet the challenges of electric vehicles, solar power and battery storage, while also educating members on how those new technologies may impact their lives. The days when our electricity came exclusively from coal-fired power plants are behind us, and our nation is transitioning to more renewable energy and getting power from many different sources. To that end, several REMC directors and I were on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., recently, advocating that the government protect reliability at a price we can all afford. Clark County REMC will be ready to meet the challenges of emerging technology, but we are confident that these changes will happen over time, not overnight.

If you have questions about whether an electric vehicle is a good fit for you, whether owning one can really save you money, how charging works or what tax incentives are available, visit our Electric Vehicles page.

Jason Clemmons