CEO’s Message – February 2023

Investing in our future

Jason Clemmons, CEO

If you turn on the news or scroll through social media, it won’t take long to find a headline that gives you pause. The top stories of the last year were about soaring inflation, COVID-19 variants, international war, climate change and political gridlock. And if that’s all we focus on, we may miss all of the good things happening around us. Staying positive in a world of negativity is difficult, but there’s always one place we can look for encouragement and inspiration: the youth of our communities.

Clark County REMC has a long history of supporting youth through programs and experiences. Students of any age can submit their best artwork for inclusion in the statewide Cooperative Calendar of Student Art. Sixth grade students can apply to visit Camp Kilowatt, a four-day experience where students balance learning about safety and electricity with exploring the outdoors through zip-lining, canoeing and field games with their new friends. High school juniors can apply for an incredible trip to Washington, D.C., where they will visit national monuments and museums, Gettysburg, and meet Indiana’s congressional delegation. Graduating seniors can apply for more than $20,000 in available college scholarships to attend schools all around Indiana.

Each experience is completely free to participating students and their families. Investments like these are guaranteed to pay off in smiling faces now and memories for years to come.

So, the next time the news gives you another reason to doubt what the future is going to bring, let some of the great students in your life remind you that our communities are in good hands if we keep investing in what matters most.

Jason Clemmons