CEO’s Message – December 2022

Hard-working and community-minded

Jason Clemmons, CEO

December is finally here! I first stepped into the offices at Clark County REMC just under one year ago, and I am still humbled by how fortunate I am to work with some of the hardest-working, community-minded people I’ve ever known.

From 4-H festivals to high school career fairs to community service projects, it’s been a joy to serve together in so many ways. But community work isn’t all we do. (We are an electric company, after all!) I want to assure you that our employees haven’t been idle. We are constantly training and working to better ourselves, so that we can give you the best possible service.

We have linemen who have completed 8,000 hours of training and earned degrees while working on the job. We have engineers and IT staff who have earned leadership and cybersecurity certifications. 11 employees became certified Emergency Medical Responders and are now able to jump in during an emergency to keep their families and coworkers safe. 2 of our board members completed training certifications, and 2 other board members reached Gold-level certification, equipping them with the knowledge and understanding to always lead our cooperative in the right direction.

Check out pages 6 through 8 and 14A for a full list of these accomplishments. I am so proud of this team. I believe that the members of Clark County REMC deserve the best we can give them, and this is the team to deliver that to you.

On behalf of myself, the REMC Board of Directors, and all of our employees, I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.

Jason Clemmons