Bill Prepay

What is Prepaid Electric Service?

With Prepaid Electric Service (PES):

  • Pay for electricity in advance, how and when you choose
  • Allows you to control your budget and pay how much you want, when you want
  • No security deposits or late fees
  • Instead of a monthly billing statement, your usage and balance are calculated daily
  • Track your usage by phone or online by using SmartHub

Benefits of Enrolling

  • More payment flexibility – pay in advance how much and how often as is convenient
  • No due dates
  • No penalties for paying late
  • No fees for reconnecting service
  • No security deposits and any existing deposit can be applied immediately to your account
  • Current balances can be moved into a prepaid arrangement. Prepaid arrangements are paid using 50% of future payments to your account.
  • Reminders are sent when the prepaid balance is low


Contact a member service specialist to find out if Prepaid Electric Service is the right choice for you. Members interested in monitoring and lowering their electricity use would benefit from Prepaid Electric Service.