New Service

In our electric co-op, the people have the power:

  • If you receive electric service from REMC you are a member
  • The privilege of being a member includes being an owner of the company

The fact that we are owned by our members, instead of stockholders, is what makes us a cooperative. We believe that being locally owned and controlled is a better way of doing business.

Receiving Service

Contact our office during business hours in order to receive electric service from Clark County REMC. You’ll be asked to:

  • Pay a non-refundable application fee in the amount of $25
  • Sign the appropriate membership application agreeing to comply with the Cooperative bylaws, policies, and procedures as then in effect or as may be adopted by the Clark County REMC Board of Directors

Requirements & Deposits

  • A credit check will be performed
    • If satisfactory, no security deposit will be required
    • If unsatisfactory, a security deposit of up to a 3-month average bill will be required
  • Anyone applying for electric service having an unpaid bill with Clark County REMC will be required to pay both the unpaid bill and a security deposit, regardless of the results of the credit check
    • Deposits retained by Clark County REMC longer than 12 months will earn interest from the date of deposit

No person, organization, business, or governmental agency shall hold more than one membership.

Membership Application Form