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Solar FAQ's Equipment & Sustainability

Where is the solar array located?

The My Solar community solar program combines the output of 10 solar projects located across southern Indiana. By combining the output of all 10 sites, we are better able to maximize and ensure consistent energy generation from your share.

Why do the panels move?

The 10 one megawatt solar projects across southern Indiana that make up the My Solar program are all single axis tracking systems. This means that they follow the sun across the sky each day to maximize production. Compared to a solar system on your roof, these arrays are able to capture more sunlight and lower the cost of energy.

Is energy production guarenteed?

Each panel is expected to generate 450 to 500 kilowatt hours per year, but output varies with weather conditions. However, because we combine the output of 10 solar arrays across the state, we are better able to ensure consistent energy generation from your share.

Is any of the power I use now renewable?

Yes! Your electric cooperative has a 10% renewable energy goal by 2025. Currently, approximately 5% of your energy is generated by renewable resources such as wind and solar. By enrolling in for the My Solar program, you are able to increase the amount of renewable energy you use at your home each month.

How does My Solar compare to rooftop solar?

My Solar sites are built and maintained at a central location by experts in the field. This eliminates common barriers — such as trees, roof size, and house location — that prevent our members from installing solar panels on their property. Further, all ongoing costs are included in the subscription rate, so there is no need to worry about unexpected costs popping up in the future!

How will this help increase sustainability?

My Solar is a local power source, which allows the community to have more control over a portion of their power supply. Generating energy with solar power creates no pollution or carbon dioxide emissions, and is a clean, renewable, and sustainable alternative energy source.