Water Heater Program Ends December 21, 2021

For more than 30 years, REMC members have been able to go through their local electric co-op to purchase a water heater and have it installed at a great price from a great local company.

  • Beginning January 2022, we will no longer sell or install water heaters for REMC members
  • We know this is a big change from what we’ve done in the past, and appreciate all of the support you have given us in making this program a success
  • However, as times change, we must adapt and meet the needs of today’s members
  • With the emergence of solar power, electric vehicles, and battery storage, the energy landscape of 2022 is vastly different than it was just 5 years ago, let alone in the 1990’s
  • To face these changes and prepare for the future, we must make room for new programs and offerings

Thank you for your understanding.