Other Requirements

  • Clark County REMC requires entrance conduit to be installed on the left knockout on underground installations because of bending radius of cable.
  • For three-phase service installations, contact us for specifications.
  • Underground services must be at final grade and meter height at 5 feet 6 inches
  • Clark County REMC must be notified of any hazards or obstacles (i.e., pipes, septic lines, electric lines, water lines etc.) prior to extending service overhead or underground. In all cases, hazards and obstacles must be clearly marked and exposed.
  • Clark County REMC will not be responsible for damage to any unmarked facilities.

Avoid power line easement enroachment.

Keep all structures away from power lines and poles! If you have questions about power line easements, please call us at once. We'll be happy to meet you to discuss your plans.

Installation of Meter Base

All meter bases must be installed at the closest corner of the structure (side of the house) nearest to the source of service (transformer/pedestal). Clark County REMC will spot the location of the meter base. If the meter base is installed anywhere else on the house, it will be the member’s responsibility to relocate the base to the location specified by Clark County REMC personnel. Clark County REMC will not run service past the designated location without cost to the member. If the meter base is installed on the opposite side of the house from the source, the member will be invoiced $200 which must be paid before service can be connected.

When you’re planning to dig, do your part. Call 811 two full days before you start!

Contact the Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service (also known as Holey Moley) to have all underground utilities located before you dig. In Indiana, it’s the law!