Landfill Methane

How Landfill Methane Gas Facilities Work

  • High-capacity landfill methane gas (LMG) contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases by destroying methane and using the remaining gas to produce electricity
  • Landfill gas, which occurs naturally from decomposing waste, consists of about 50% methane, whose emissions are many times stronger than carbon dioxide and considered a contributing factor to global warming
  • LMG facilities capture the methane and use it to produce electricity instead of flaring the gas into the atmosphere


Hoosier Energy owns and operates 2 landfill methane gas facilities:

  • 15-megawatt Livingston plant located on Republic Industries’ 460-acre Livingston Landfill near Pontiac, Illinois
    • Livingston began operations in 2013
  • 16-megawatt Orchard Hills facility in Davis Junction, Illinois, about 20 miles south of Rockford, Illinois
    • Orchard Hills came on line in September 2016
  • Renewable energy credits for the Livingston and Orchard Hills facilities are sold to third parties