Incentive Payments

  • The incentive payment cannot exceed 75% of the total equipment cost. Installation, taxes, and fees cannot be included in the equipment cost.
  • Application approval is not a guarantee of incentive payment.
  • Clark County REMC reserves the right to withhold payment for products that do not meet the program requirements as determined within its sole discretion.
  • Program funds are limited. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to application approval.
  • Incentive amounts, thresholds, and offerings are subject to change or termination with or without notice at the sole discretion of Clark County REMC.
  • Clark County REMC is not liable for incentives promised to members as a result of a contractor misrepresenting or not verifying the rules of the program. Only Clark County REMC has the right to approve an application and the incentives.
  • Incentives are paid as a 1-time, 1-program offer and cannot be combined with incentive payments, rebates, or discount programs from other utility providers.