Energy crisis? Can’t REMC make more electricity?

If only it were that easy. Most of us have lived our lives as if there was an unlimited supply of electricity. The truth is that electricity has to be produced, just like food and clothing and everything else we consume. Clark County REMC doesn’t actually generate any electricity. We are only in charge of delivering it to you. We are the UPS of the electric grid. You ask for it. We go get it and bring it to you, safely and reliably.

REMC is ready to deliver as much electricity to you as you need, but we can only deliver what’s being produced. There are hundreds of power plants in the Midwest, but our nation is at the beginning of a transition from traditional power sources to renewable energy. Those new sources are clean and have many benefits, but they’re not perfect. We can’t turn up the sun, and we can’t make the wind blow any faster. So when you need more power, it’s not as easy to ramp up production as it used to be.

This is a national issue and will affect everyone in the country, especially those of us in the Midwest. We’ve known this was coming for a long time, and have been training our employees to be ready to respond. No matter how difficult it gets, we are ready to keep our communities safe and help our members through this stressful and confusing time.