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Water heating is the second-largest energy expense in most households, accounting for around 18% of the power bill. That means the type of water heater and how you use it is very important. Water heaters and heat pump water heaters have come a long way in efficiency standards. New energy-efficient storage water heaters contain high levels of insulation around the tank to reduce standby heat loss, and heat pump water heaters, like your heat pump HVAC unit, utilize the air around them to heat your water. Both can save you up to $550 a year.

We understand cost is always a factor when upgrading your equipment so Clark County REMC would like to help you with that by providing a small incentive. Simply fill out the application in its entirety and send it in with your invoice noting the manufacturer/brand, model #, and cost of your new water heater and proof of your water heater’s UEF rating.

We also suggest checking out Indiana’s Residential and Homeowner Incentives webpage for more information on tax credits and their upcoming energy efficiency incentive programs.


Terms and Conditions

Download the Terms and Conditions for the water heater program below:

Residential Water Heater Rebate Terms and Conditions

Download the 2024 Residential Rebate Program Form (PDF) or fill out the online form.

Rebates cannot be processed without a completed rebate application and applicable invoices or receipts showing proof of purchase.

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Water Heater Program Ends December 21, 2021

For more than 30 years, REMC members have been able to go through their local electric co-op to purchase a water heater and have it installed at a great price from a great local company.

  • Beginning January 2022, we will no longer sell or install water heaters for REMC members
  • We know this is a big change from what we’ve done in the past, and appreciate all of the support you have given us in making this program a success
  • However, as times change, we must adapt and meet the needs of today’s members
  • With the emergence of solar power, electric vehicles, and battery storage, the energy landscape of 2022 is vastly different than it was just 5 years ago, let alone in the 1990’s
  • To face these changes and prepare for the future, we must make room for new programs and offerings

Thank you for your understanding.

Lifetime Warranty TAP Agreements

Members who are part of the TAP program should contact the REMC office during normal business hours to schedule a repair or replacement of their covered water heater. Emergency repair is not available after hours or on weekends. Please remember that the TAP program is only applicable if the original member who signed the agreement is still living in the original home. Agreements are not transferable to new addresses, new homeowners or to new family members living in the original home.

Warranty & Repair Questions

Warranty Information:

Warranty information was included with your heater when you made your purchase. Current warranty documents from State Water Heaters are linked below. If you experience issues with your new water heater within the first year, parts and labor are covered. After the first year, warranty repairs may still require you to pay for labor charges.

Did REMC install the water heater for you? If so, follow these steps:

Should you experience any heater malfunction (no hot water, small leak, etc):

  • Please contact the plumbing installer of your choice and they will provide support for you according to the terms of the warranty agreement
  • You are always welcome to contact Clark County REMC, during business hours, at (812) 246-3316, and we will help any way we can
  • However, all repairs, service, and warranty questions should be directed to the plumbing installer of your choice and/or the manufacturer, at the contact information included with your purchase