Residential HVAC & Tune-Up Rebates

Residential HVAC Rebate Program

Did you know most people spend up to 48% of their energy bills on heating and cooling, making that the largest energy expense in most homes? Upgrading your HVAC system to a newer energy-efficient heat pump system may seem expensive, but when you factor in the lower running cost, less maintenance and longer lifespan, you will see a quicker return on your investment and save money for many years. For more information on heat pumps, be sure to visit

We understand cost is always a factor when upgrading your equipment so Clark County REMC would like to help you with that by providing a small incentive. Simply fill out the application in its entirety and send it in with your AHRI certificate and invoice noting manufacturer/brand, model #, serial # and cost of your new heat pump.

We also suggest checking out Indiana’s Residential and Homeowner Incentives webpage for more information on tax credits and their upcoming energy efficiency incentive programs.

To Qualify:

  • Must be installed in a home served by CCREMC.
  • Heat pumps are for whole-home installations only with the exception of the Single-Room Mini-Split Heat Pump.
  • SEER2 ratings must be obtained from the AHRI certificate.
  • An AHRI Certificate must accompany the application and invoice to be qualified. You can obtain the AHRI certificate from your contractor or the manufacturer.
  • Limit of two (2) rebates allowed per member account per useful life of rebated equipment.
  • Submission for rebates must be within 90 days of installation in the same calendar year.
  • Incentive amount can not exceed 50% of equipment cost.
  • Please review the complete list of terms and conditions following the application.


TypeAir Source Heat PumpDual Fuel 
Tier 1
SEER2 rating 14.3 – 15.3
HSPF2 rating ≥ 7.6
Dual Fuel AFUE ≥ 90%
Tier 2

SEER2 rating 15.4 – 17.2
HSPF2 rating ≥ 7.6
Dual Fuel AFUE ≥ 90%

Tier 3

SEER2 rating 17.3 & up
HSPF2 rating ≥ 7.6
Dual Fuel AFUE ≥ 90%



TypeMini-Split Heat Pump
Whole House

SEER2 rating ≥ 17.3
HSPF2 rating ≥ 7.6


SEER2 rating ≥ 17.3
HSPF2 rating ≥ 7.6



No minimum SEER2 rating$2,000

Download the 2024 Residential Rebate Program Form (PDF) or fill out the online form.

Rebates cannot be processed without a completed rebate application and applicable invoices or receipts showing proof of purchase.

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    HVAC Tune-Up Rebate

    Have you ever wished you’d known something was going to break down before it did? If you had known you might have been able to prevent it from happening. Getting your HVAC equipment tuned up each year not only ensures your equipment is running efficiently and saving you money on your electric bill, but could potentially catch any problems before they become more expensive problems.

    Your local electric cooperative is offering residential member-consumers the opportunity to apply for a HVAC tune-up service incentive valued at 50% off the tune-up cost up to $50.00. Taxes, fees and labor cost cannot be included in the equipment cost. This incentive program is designed for heat pump technologies and central air conditioning systems. Gas furnaces are not eligible unless part of the central air system.

    To Qualify:

    • One rebate per member account per calendar year.
    • HVAC unit must be located in a home served by Clark County REMC.
    • Unit must be 3 or more years old.
    • The tune-up must be performed by a licensed HVAC contractor and include detailed description of service performed on receipt/invoice.
    • Application must be filled out and signed by member.
    • Submission for rebates must be within 90 days of tune-up service in the same calendar year.
    • Rebate participation is subject to funding availability.

    Terms & Conditions

    Download the Terms and Conditions for each program below:

    Residential HVAC Tune-Up Rebate Terms and Conditions (PDF)

    Residential HVAC Rebate Program Terms and Conditions (PDF)