Electric Vehicle Overview

Making the Best Choice

woman charging her electric vehicleFor the first time in our lifetime, you can choose how to power the way you travel. But that decision can be complicated. Clark County REMC is committed to being your trusted resource for decisions about energy. Visit our ChooseEV page for facts about electric vehicles (EVs), a savings calculator to compare gas and electric vehicles, and a map of charging stations in your area.


EV Charging Rate

The energy needed to charge an electric vehicle is roughly the same as what a family might need for an electric water heater. That’s not much compared to the fluctuating cost of gasoline, but we still want members to make the most of their energy dollars. Most of the energy needed to charge an EV will be consumed overnight while the car is parked in the garage, which is also when energy is cheaper for REMC to deliver to you. In August 2022, REMC developed a rate specially for families with electric vehicles so they can save as much as possible. You can view more information about this rate by downloading our Time-of-Use Electric Vehicle Rate Schedule (PDF). Give us a call to discuss if this would be a good option for you.